The Phantom 3 Skins by Sky Camo are the ultimate accessory to protect your drone while displaying premium graphics to express your style.


STEP 1: Clean The Device

The surface that a Sky Camo Skin sticks to needs to be as clean as possible.It is very important to clean your device before applying your Skin. Read More

First wipe the device surfaces where the Skin will be applied, with a slightly damp cloth. Do not get water directly on your device. Let dry completely. Next wipe the application surface with a cloth slightly dampened with rubbing alcohol. This removes almost any finger print grease. Let dry completely.

STEP 2: Examine Your Sky Camo Skin

Look at your Skin and how it is cut.  The thin sections easily stretch and/or break if you do not handle the Skin with care during the application process. Read More

Use caution when removing the Skin from the backing paper.Avoid stretching any part of the Skin, especially the narrow parts.* Stretching the Skin will cause it to not fit the device precisely.*The adhesive side of the Skin will stick to itself and may cause damage to the Skin.

Step 3. Examine Your Sky Camo Skin

It is important to take your time when applying your Skin. Read More

Pick a starting point on your Skin on the edge (preferably the largest area of the Skin). Gradually peel back the backing paper exposing the adhesive side of the Sky Camo Skin. Carefully apply the Skin to the device making sure it lines up with all the curves on your device. If the Skin does not line up correctly, carefully peel it off and try again. Make sure not to stretch the Skin or it will no longer fit. As you apply the Skin to the device, firmly press the Skin from the middle to the edges, pushing any air bubbles out from under the Skin.  Be careful not to scratch your Skin.


No, the flight characteristics are never compromised.
Our skins are made with pride in Harlan, Kentucky.